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lightweightloner asked:

Lovely blog! I'm always looking here for outfit inspiration :) I recently bought a cute burgundy maxi skirt that's very form fitting and tight/stretchy. I love it but I've found it's quite awkward to walk in! Do you have any tips on how to fix that? I wore ankle boots with it. Thanks regardless :) xx

Thanks so much! :) My suggestion would be to maybe customize the skirt a bit so you feel more comfortable in it. Maybe cut a slit so your legs have more room for motion, or even fold in the bottom half so that it comes up to above your knees if you don’t wanna cut it completely. Those are really all the options i can think of that would solve the awkward walking situation. Otherwise, I think it’s better to wear it with light, open-toe sandals or slippers so that you feel less constricted.